About Us

Wilmot Hills Distillery

John and Ruth Cole established Wilmot Hills in 1991 as a Vineyard/Winery, which they then transitioned it to a Distillery. In December 2018 Jo purchased the property and continues their legacy with a few additions of his own.

Jo continues to hand craft Spirits (Gins, Pomadoros (Apple Brandy) Absinthe and Grappa to name a few) which are 100% Tasmanian made.

Cellar Door Located in the picturesque rolling hills of the North West Tasmania near Lake Barrington with stunning views of Mount Roland and surrounding mountains, 38 km south of Devonport. A warm welcome is extended to all visitors by the new owner Jo who has been operating the business at Wilmot Hills Orchard and Distillery since the beginning of 2019.

Wilmot Hills Distillery is a small boutique distillery owned and operated by Jo who has a long-held passion for creating spirits and Ciders. John started making green absinthe in 2010 which Jo has continued to make.

The Orchard – There are 300 apple trees boasting 11 different varieties


Pomadoros – A smooth and rounded brandy distilled from true English cider apple varieties, grown in our orchard. The delicate apple aromas and fruit flavours are enhanced by sensitive maturation of French Oak. (200 ml and 500 ml bottles are distilled to a 43% alcohol.)

Blue Spectrum Gin – John’s legacy continues in the production of this GIN loved by all. Salient botanical’s that distinguishes this gin are Elder flower, Fennel and Lemon peel.  (200 ml 500 ml bottles are distilled to a 44% alcohol.)

Jet Gin – Jo’s Border collie, as a small pup, played at the rosemary and sage in the herb garden inspired him to craft a gin using those two botanical’s as well as the other prominent gin botanical’s.  (200 ml / 500 ml bottle at 44% alcohol.)

Absinthe – Clair de Lune.  True absinthe’s are bitter to some degree due to the extracts from the wormwood (Artemisia absinthian) and is usually served with the addition of sugar. The ritual involves placing a sugar cube on a perforated spoon resting on the rim of the glass containing about 30 ml of absinthe. Iced water is slowly dripped on to the sugar cube and into the absinthe causing the green liquor to louche into an opaque opalescent solution. The ratio is 4 parts water to 1 part absinthe at 65% alcohol. It is best to allow the water to drip slowly. Other botanical’s include roman wormwood (Artemisia Pontiac), hyssop, anise, and fennel. The spirit base is wine alcohol. (200 ml / 500 ml bottle at 65% alcohol)

Limon Cello – Nona’s recipe of the Gorizia region of Northern Italy, which consist of 85% Alcohol, lemon rind, lemon juice, and sugar syrup. Available only in 200 ml bottles @ 25% alcohol.

Elder flower Wine – One of the ingredients of the Blue Spectrum Gin, whilst creating this beverage it tasted so good Jo thought he would bottled some and share the pure fizzy pleasure. Made from Elder Flower dextrose Sugar, its a sweet aromatic refreshing drop with the fizzy bubbles teasing ones taste buds. (750 ml with 11.5% Alcohol)